Connecting Evaluation for a Ministry

Thank you for taking this CONNECTING Evaluation.

Your opinion is valued and needed to help the ministry leaders of your church evaluate their efforts to CONNECT God's people to meaningful ministry.

Please answer the questions below, then click the lower right hand button to continue.

Note: Relative to church ministry, the word CONNECTING refers to the Church leaders' commitment to help God's people discover, develop and fulfill their purpose in life through ministry.

  • 1

    My ministry has a central list of every ministry worker within my ministry.

  • 2

    My church provides an intentional process to help potential volunteers discover their competence and passion for ministry before connecting in a ministry position.

  • 3

    My church has a yearly emphasis through my senior pastor's preaching on how and why a member should connect through serving within a ministry.

  • 4

    My ministry leader provides specific training for anyone entering a ministry position.

  • 5

    My ministry leader believes and practices "people first -- programs second."

  • 6

    My ministry leader informs new ministry workers up front what is expected with regard to serving within the ministry.

  • 7

    My ministry has a written ministry guidebook for ministry opportunities within the ministry.

  • 8

    My ministry has a healthy balance for ministry workers to serve, but also receive ministry.

  • 9

    My ministry leader promotes "every member a minister".

  • 10

    My ministry has entry points for believers at various spiritual maturity levels to engage in ministry.

  • 11

    My ministry has a record of how many new ministry workers are added from year to year.

  • 12

    My ministry values minisrty involvement on the same level as worship, evangelism, discipleship or fellowship.

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