Empowerment Evaluation for a Ministry

Thank you for taking this EMPOWERING Evaluation.

Your opinion is valued and needed to help the ministry leaders of your church evaluate their efforts toward EMPOWERING God's people to meaningful ministry.

Please answer the questions below, then click the lower right hand button to continue.

Note: Relative to church ministry, the word EMPOWERING refers to the Church leaders' commitment to give authority and release God's people to serve in meaningful ministry.

  • 1

    My ministry and/or church provides written guidelines and procedures for starting new ministries.

  • 2

    Throughout the year, my ministry and/or church promotes getting involved in ministry through serving.

  • 3

    My ministry advertises and promotes ways to be involved in serving through ministries.

  • 4

    My ministry gives proper balance between support and guidance without micro-managing those in ministry positions.

  • 5

    My ministry leader gives up responsibilities previously done by him/her.

  • 6

    My ministry leader listens to ministry suggestions and makes those who provide them feel valued.

  • 7

    My ministry and/or church provides an intentional process to help potential volunteers discover their competency and passion to be empowered for ministry.

  • 8

    My imnstry and/or church promotes involvement in ministry BOTH within my church and unassociated with my church's organized ministries.

  • 9

    My ministry provides support even when mistakes are made in ministry direction.

  • 10

    My ministry leader gives a formal yearly evaluation of each member's ministry.

  • 11

    My ministry promotes and encourages creativity within ministries throughout my church.

  • 12

    My ministry provides a proper balance between expectations and freedom for carrying out ministry.

  • 13

    My ministry provides initial and continued training on a regular basis for ministry positions.

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