Equip Evaluation for a Ministry

Thank you for taking this EQUIPPING Evaluation.

Your opinion is valued and needed to help the ministry leaders of your church evaluate their efforts in EQUIPPING God's people for meaningful ministry.

Please answer the questions below, then click the lower right hand button to continue.

Note: Relative to church ministry, the word EQUIPPING refers to the Church leaders' commitment to adequately prepare and/or train God's people to fulfill the ministry roles God has chosen for them.

  • 1

    My ministry provides specific training for anyone entering a ministry position.

  • 2

    My ministry and/or church provides an intentional process to help potential volunteers discover their competency and passion for ministry before being trained.

  • 3

    My ministry budget reflects a strong commitment to providing training for paid staff to lead ministries.

  • 4

    My ministry budget reflects a strong commitment to providing training for volunteers.

  • 5

    My church promotes training through the senior pastor's encouragement.

  • 6

    My ministry provides creative training for those involved in ministry.

  • 7

    My ministry provides regular training for those involved in ministry.

  • 8

    My ministry provides specific guidelines on training expectations for ministry involvement.

  • 9

    My ministry provides alternative training for those with non-standard work schedules who are involved in ministry.

  • 10

    My ministry encourages ministry training outside our church to enhance ministry skills.

  • 11

    My ministry brings in experts to train in specific ministry tasks.

  • 12

    My ministry evaluates the effectiveness of training provided to ministry workers.

  • 13

    My ministry is receptive to evaluating new resources available for training ministry workers.

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