Identifying Evaluation for a Ministry

Thank you for taking this IDENTIFYING Evaluation.

Your opinion is valued and needed to help the ministry leaders of your church evaluate their efforts toward IDENTIFYING God's people for meaningful ministry.

Please answer the questions below, then click the lower right hand button to continue.

Note: Relative to church ministry, the word IDENTIFYING refers to the Church leaders' commitment to intentionally help God's people discover their competency and passion for meaningful ministry.

  • 1

    My ministry and/or church provides an intentional process to help potential volunteers discover their competency and passion for ministry before identifying a ministry position.

  • 2

    My ministry and/or church has a one-on-one process for helping members understand evaluation tools such as personality, spiritual gifts assessments, etc. that are utilized for helping identify ministry opportunities.

  • 3

    My ministry leader would graciously support a member who found another church in the area that had a ministry that we did not that was in line with the member's passion group.

  • 4

    My ministry leader encourages members to identify ministries unassociated with the church to be involved with that are in line with the members passion for ministry.

  • 5

    My ministry has an evaluation process to determine if members are suited for a ministry task.

  • 6

    My ministry utilizes multiple avenues to help members identify areas to be involved within my ministry.

  • 7

    My ministry promotes immediately before, during, and/or after worship services opportunities for members pursue in my ministry.

  • 8

    My ministry identifies ministries outside my ministry area for members to be involved in serving.

  • 9

    My ministry highly encourages members to identify their spiritual gifts before engaging in a ministry.

  • 10

    My ministry highly encourages ministry leaders to identify members who compliment their weaknesses in fulfilling ministry.

  • 11

    My ministry values members identifying their passion for ministry and engaging in ministry that fulfills their passion.

  • 12

    My ministry teaches members to identify ministries where they can commit to excellence based upon their availability for the ministry.

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